Our Ministries

There are many ways to get connected at River Rock Church! Some find it especially meaningful to participate in our weekend worship gathering. It's a time we gather together to worship God with music, prayer, Scripture reading, and the message God has placed on the pastor's heart.

If you are looking for something smaller, we usually have several things going on. Check out a few of our ministries below to learn how you can get connected! 

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At River Rock, we believe it is important to be in consistent community with fellow believers. Both our women and men's ministry are constantly evolving with various groups and activities. Events often rise up organically, as we are always looking at ways to best serve the community and those at River Rock Church. 


It is best to connect with a leader or the pastor (pastorjimmyrr@gmail.com) to get the latest scoop on what's happening. 


During the Sunday worship gathering (10 AM), all children worship with their parents during the opening music. 


After the opening music, Pastor Jimmy invites the children up front for a 'Pebbles Moment.' After a brief lesson, prayer and blessing, the Pebbles move to the children's room. There the Pebbles' leader ensures they are prayed for, cared for, and taught a Bible-based lesson at their level. They have craft and activities to reinforce the lesson and enjoy some active play. 

At the end of Pastor Jimmy's message and as music resumes, children return from Pebbles Worship so we can all worship together.


Breaking Bread is River Rock's signature life groups designed to build relationships, offer mutual care, laugh and love together and to invite outsiders in. If you're interested in joining one of our life groups, click the link below!


One of River Rock's core purposes is to BEGIN to serve God and others motivated by humility and gratitude. Here are some of the many local organizations we partner with to help serve the community. The way we partner with each organization looks slightly different, but our goal in serving is to help share the love of Jesus.


Love INC 

Good News Jail Ministry

Pigeon River Elementary School

Anchor of Hope Health Center 

For More information Check out our