River Rock Community Church


Get out of your shell . . . or stay under it. My bad.

Get Real Everyone And Talk!

GREAT conversations start this way . . .

Maybe you don't believe God exists but have questions and would appreciate some honest dialogue without being belittled or put down. Maybe you're opening to God and desire raw conversation and freedom to ask anything. Maybe you're open to God being real but haven't been convinced about Jesus and might be open to exploring him. Maybe you just don't know where you're at or what you believe. Maybe you wanna be where others have similar doubts and questions.

Maybe you'd just like to listen in on a conversation about spirritual things but keep a safe distance.  

No matter where you're at or not at, River Rock values real people like you no matter where you're at spiritually.

Come and find acceptance no matter what you believe or what kinds of questions you may have.

There are as many ways to get connected at River Rock Church as there are ways to listen in on things spiritual while remaining disconnected. 

Some find it especially meaningful to participate in our weekend gathering we call "Refuel" . It's a time we gather together to worship God with music, prayer, Scripture reading, and the message God has placed on the pastor's heart.

If you are looking for something smaller with an emphasis on relationships, we have several groups meeting. None of these groups last forever but sprout up naturally when people are ripe and ready for them. E-mail us and we'll get you info on what's happening.

There is a guy's group that meets Saturday morning from 7-8:30 AM at our building. Just show up or email us for more info on guys and girls groups or click on dig deeper

Serving others and helping to meet the needs of those in our community is a big value of ours. Click Serving others to learn more.

Children and kids are our biggest asset and we love them to life! You can learn more about River Rock's kids's stuff by clicking Kids ROCK! We invite you to bring your whole family and experience God's love in a fresh, new way.