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A Quiver Full of Fun!

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Kids Rock @ River Rock Church!

Kids ROCK at River Rock Church! God has been adding children to our community and we are excited for the privilege of helping them grow in their faith in Jesus. 

Our new children's ministry is called 'PEBBLES.' There are four age groupings: yellow pebbles (ages 0-2), green pebbles (ages 2-5), blue pebbles (ages 6-7) and purple pebbles (ages 8 and up). 

During the Sunday worship gathering (10 AM), all children worship with their families during the opening music. So come on in as a family and find a comfortable place to sit. There is a nice, large, carpeted area with chairs and toys on the right side of the worship space for parents and younger children to play, nurse or relax. Please enjoy it during the worship gathering.

After the opening music, Pastor Jimmy invites the children up front for a 'Pebbles Moment,' and after a brief lesson, prayer and blessing, introduces the Pebbles teachers for that Sunday. They are safe, qualified volunteers who then lead the green (ages 2-5) and blue pebbles (ages 6-7) to nearby discovery rooms for Pebbles Worship. There they are cared for, prayed for, taught a Bible-based lesson at their level, sing, have media, craft and activities to reinforce the lesson, are offered healthy snacks and enjoy some active play. Naturally, it is up to each parent to choose whether or not you want your child to participate in the green and blue pebbles experience. 

While the pastor's message is happening, yellow pebbles (ages 0-2) and purple pebbles (ages 8 and up) stay with their parents in the sanctuary. For purple pebbles, there are plastic clipboards with paper and pencils inside so older kids can draw, color and stay engaged in their own way during the message. For the yellow pebbles, please remember that on the right side of the worship space is the nice, large, carpeted area with chairs and toys if you and your child need space to play, to simply chill or privacy to nurse your newborn. This space has been designed with you and your children in mind; please enjoy it.

At the end of Pastor Jimmy's message and as the music resumes, a slide appears on the big screen inviting parents to go to the green and blue pebbles discovery rooms - you likely noticed them to your left when you entered the building, they're located in the front space on the west side - to retrieve their children from Pebbles Worship so we can all worship our Triune God together.

Pebbles Children's Ministry is now up and running!